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icon Roma Fiumicino, Italy
Betting option regarding the weather condition at 21:00

Current Condition:

Temperature: 28 °C     Wind Speed: 7 kt     Atm. Pressure: 1012 hPa
Station ID: LIRF  Latitude: 41.80°  Longitude: 12.25°
 You can find the official website for this weather station here: weather.noaa.gov/weather/current/LIRF ➚

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At 21:00 - Temperature betting

Temperature less than 28 °C
Temperature more than 28 °C

At 21:00 - Wind speed betting

Wind Speed less than 7 kt
Wind Speed more than 7 kt

At 21:00 - Atmosphere Pressure betting

Atm. Pressure less than 1012 hPa
Atm. Pressure more than 1012 hPa

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